Loop Bands

Exercise Loop Bands

Our unique layering technology makes Vergo Fitness resistance loops the best resistance band on the market. We completely re-engineered the process of creating loops by layering latex rubber on top of each other creating extra strength and durability with each pass. Most resistance bands on the market are 1 layer cut to a specific thickness. When that layer tears, the product breaks in half. Because of the unique layering process, Resistance Bands by Vergo Fitness have superior tear resistance.

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High Density Foam Roller

High Density Foam Roller

This high quality foam roller can give you the relief that you need. It has been proven that foam rollers can stretch and relax your muscles. This is true for everyday pain and strain for your muscles or after your workout. If you are not using a foam roller, you are welcoming unnecessary pain. There is a reason why physical therapy clinics and gyms around the United States use our rollers. Being made right here in the USA, we only work with the best material and the best doctors to create a product that is perfect for home and gym use. The high density roller can put extra pressure on the muscles that need it so that you can relax any muscle in your body.

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Vergo Jack Knives

Try this one on for size! Sit on the floor with your feet facing forward. Place the loop around your ankles. Using your hands to brace yourself, use only your legs to move back and forth. This not only works your thighs and abdominals, but it also works out those glutes! Keep …

Scissor-happy Susans

To begin, place the loop around your legs. (You can move it from your ankles, to your thighs to target different muscle groups.) Lie down on your side and slightly bend your knees. Raise your leg up and down slowly. Try to breathe out as your raise your leg and breathe in …

Jane Fonda on Steroids

First, place the loop around both of your ankles. (You can move them up or down depending on which muscles you wish to target.) Then, lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides. Move your legs up and down for as many reps as you can do without stopping. …

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